Wednesday, March 2, 2011

what about me days!!!

The funny thing (and sometimes frustrating) about children is the way we understand everything (well almost) about them, but they just dont get us ... naturally.

me - go back to bed its only 5 am
mst - nooo i sleep all night
... cant he see EVERYONE is still in bed and trying to sleep, and Im SO tired still??

me - stop fighting!!!
mst - stop ruining my fun!!why are you such a party pooper?
(while the other child lays on the floor red and in tears.. yep everyone is having fun... NOT)

me - keep that up and you will be in big trouble
Mst - hahahahhahaha go on try me!
(as they runs away with a look of fright and amusement, cant they see Im about to blow like a volcano?)

me - time for bed otherwise you will be tired tomorrow honey
Mst - no way im not going to bed im just getting started
(cant you see im exhausted and just want to go to bed myself?!)

me - I love you buddy
Mst - i wuuuvvvv u..... present now??

obviously they are just too little to say exactly what i have but you can tell from the expression on their little face and the mixed up sentences they try to produce this is what they are getting at.
In all seriousness it comes down to taking a step back... yes they are little, no they probably cant read all my signs and symptoms of the sudden on set of tiredness, frustration, concern or love.... they just see mummy dearest in a frazzle. ..good or bad.

Next time you have a "what about ME?!!" moment put your self in their very little shoes... they are so simple at heart and we shouldnt expect them to be able to comprehend an adults perseptive at that moment, maybe this will help your frustration dissipate. Keep up the stimulation, to ward off boredom (for both of you), discipline, routine and most importantly love and laughter, mould little muchkins you are proud of :)

Love your little people good day or bad they are just little people after all!

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Anonymous said...

so right !! sometimes you get so caught up in what they are or aren doing that you forget they are just youngsters! love it