Friday, March 4, 2011

competitive parenting???

Simply i am astounded by the recent dibacle with the BONDS BABYsearch. How anyone can think it is acceptable to make rude and racist comments about another persons child is beyond me!
This behaviour is completely unacceptable, but what is so worrying is the thought that that person may have their own children and what sort of values they will instill in them, after all our actions are an example to our children to what is ok and what is not. We all know how impressionable kiddies are , you say SH*T!! - a little voice mimmicks... sh*t sh*t sh*t mummy.

It is surprising though how many parents actually are increasingly competitive, and how it seems to be a way of parenting. The unfortunate thing is parents end up "teaching"  or pushing their littlies to learn things just because soandso's girl/boy can do that so you should too! Dont get me wrong encouragement is an important part of being a parent but when you know in your heart you are doing it to get a "1 up", stop and think is this what i want to teach my little person??.. that you HAVE to be able to do and say things at the same 'level' or better than your peers? Really.... dont we want them to be who they are, encourage their individual personality and cherish what they are great at and love that they dont kick themselves if they aren great at other things. Lets set our babes up for great personal confidence in themselves, instead of worrying to always be better. Start with yourself. Accept what your friends kiddies do great, dont put down your littlie for not doing it, and if you feel they are trying to prove that their baby/child is better than yours, remember to love that they love their children just as much as you love yours, dont take it to heart!!

How sad it is that the fun loving BONDS baby search turned so cruel, the promising thing is that it is the minority of mums that have taken part in this. Good luck to the gorgeous creatures in the search, and remember they are all on there for the same reason...
Proud parents that LOVE their babies... lets not make it something its not!!


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