Monday, March 28, 2011

Youth Homelessness in Australia

 watch this, be more aware, help in any way possible. It doesnt have to be money ... clothes, bedding, food... imagine how you would feel if this was your baby?... post and re post this on your social networking sites of preference, if all u can afford is time, help bring more awareness to this very important and overlooked subject. REMEMBER HOW LUCKY YOU REALLY ARE!! xoxoxox

Sunday, March 13, 2011

mum knows best

Motherly instincts are there for a reason.
Trust them, listen to your inner "voice" and act if you are concerned.

Your children will never despise you for trying to protect them or help them.... (lol well at least not til they are older,then they will just think your butting in :)



Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Sorry people, I havent felt all that inspired lately, hence all quiet on the OFMMum site!
Have had a very long weekend where my sole motherly duties rolled on and on as hubby worked saturday and went out all sunday.. obviously lady muck isn used to 7 days in a row alone LOL! So by monday felt incredibly tired and lets just say lifeless. This made me start to wonder why i had this rifeling feeling of guilt... Im a mum who loves being a mum yet felt like I was screaming inside for a hand.. just because I didnt "get a break" on the weekend. To me - in my thoughts - that sounds like a mum who doesnt want to do the work, like a mum who is being very selfish.
After much thought and some mental beating up I think its important to be honest with ourselves, allow the period of guilt to pass and just BE. Its ok to feel a little bit over it! It doesnt mean your contradicting your overall love and ideas, after all its only natural to feel challenged when you are with 1 or 2 same personalities continuously.. dont we get this way with friends and lovers at times, but it never means we dont love them, just that we need a moment to ourselves. This is ok isnt it?

This also made me think how important it is for us to grow in ourselves to be honest with yourself first and foremost. No one is perfect or can do it all. Until we admit our short comings and love or at least accept them how can we expect to be honest with those around us. Sometimes honesty is the hardest thing especially when its with yourself. Just remember being honest about you doesnt mean anything bad, or that there is going to be a negative outcome, but there is the danger of feeling just a little bit more comfortable in your skin! :)

If you adore your children and love being a stay at home mum, or even a working mum dont beat yourself up for feeling tired, aftreall entertaining,educating,playing,feeding well,cuddling,snuggling,makingbeds,doing dishes,washing,dusting,vaccuuming,mopping,organising dinner,bathing little people,running errands,weightloss,keeping up with friends,chatting to family and significant other, let alone trying to fit in a shower for your self is alot in ONE day for any person!!! A mother rested if only an hours quiet time a week is and better mother for life!!

Also I had a birthday since my last post which definatley lifted my mood, as not only did my hubby take the day off i got spoilt rotten doing simple things I love like playing with the kids at the beach, and had my day nicely topped off with lots of lovely messages on my social networking page, where I feel Iam the most honest ME, it was so nice to see how many people really do like me for me! :')

Friday, March 4, 2011

competitive parenting???

Simply i am astounded by the recent dibacle with the BONDS BABYsearch. How anyone can think it is acceptable to make rude and racist comments about another persons child is beyond me!
This behaviour is completely unacceptable, but what is so worrying is the thought that that person may have their own children and what sort of values they will instill in them, after all our actions are an example to our children to what is ok and what is not. We all know how impressionable kiddies are , you say SH*T!! - a little voice mimmicks... sh*t sh*t sh*t mummy.

It is surprising though how many parents actually are increasingly competitive, and how it seems to be a way of parenting. The unfortunate thing is parents end up "teaching"  or pushing their littlies to learn things just because soandso's girl/boy can do that so you should too! Dont get me wrong encouragement is an important part of being a parent but when you know in your heart you are doing it to get a "1 up", stop and think is this what i want to teach my little person??.. that you HAVE to be able to do and say things at the same 'level' or better than your peers? Really.... dont we want them to be who they are, encourage their individual personality and cherish what they are great at and love that they dont kick themselves if they aren great at other things. Lets set our babes up for great personal confidence in themselves, instead of worrying to always be better. Start with yourself. Accept what your friends kiddies do great, dont put down your littlie for not doing it, and if you feel they are trying to prove that their baby/child is better than yours, remember to love that they love their children just as much as you love yours, dont take it to heart!!

How sad it is that the fun loving BONDS baby search turned so cruel, the promising thing is that it is the minority of mums that have taken part in this. Good luck to the gorgeous creatures in the search, and remember they are all on there for the same reason...
Proud parents that LOVE their babies... lets not make it something its not!!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

what about me days!!!

The funny thing (and sometimes frustrating) about children is the way we understand everything (well almost) about them, but they just dont get us ... naturally.

me - go back to bed its only 5 am
mst - nooo i sleep all night
... cant he see EVERYONE is still in bed and trying to sleep, and Im SO tired still??

me - stop fighting!!!
mst - stop ruining my fun!!why are you such a party pooper?
(while the other child lays on the floor red and in tears.. yep everyone is having fun... NOT)

me - keep that up and you will be in big trouble
Mst - hahahahhahaha go on try me!
(as they runs away with a look of fright and amusement, cant they see Im about to blow like a volcano?)

me - time for bed otherwise you will be tired tomorrow honey
Mst - no way im not going to bed im just getting started
(cant you see im exhausted and just want to go to bed myself?!)

me - I love you buddy
Mst - i wuuuvvvv u..... present now??

obviously they are just too little to say exactly what i have but you can tell from the expression on their little face and the mixed up sentences they try to produce this is what they are getting at.
In all seriousness it comes down to taking a step back... yes they are little, no they probably cant read all my signs and symptoms of the sudden on set of tiredness, frustration, concern or love.... they just see mummy dearest in a frazzle. ..good or bad.

Next time you have a "what about ME?!!" moment put your self in their very little shoes... they are so simple at heart and we shouldnt expect them to be able to comprehend an adults perseptive at that moment, maybe this will help your frustration dissipate. Keep up the stimulation, to ward off boredom (for both of you), discipline, routine and most importantly love and laughter, mould little muchkins you are proud of :)

Love your little people good day or bad they are just little people after all!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

weighty issues

Quick update if you were interested!

Lost 14kg in total girls.. 4 off the fab new diet, 10 on it.

LOL then took a 4 month holiday ... hello back 4 kgs, no your not welcome to sit on my tummy and thighs :S

So back to reality and back to routine, back on track thunder thighs!
11 kgs to go baby!! still half way woohoo

I got myself so wrapped up in how long it has taken to lose this, but what is actually important is that you lose it even if it takes 2 years (please NO!! :) be positive remember everyone is different and love yourself first and foremost.

keep counting and jogging girls its all for a good cause
... my bum!! :))


it is amazing how different people think different things are acceptable, but to another.. completely not.
So you put in a tonne of effort to pick a gift for the little people, settle on something personal, send it and wait..
.. and wait
.. and wait

well me, I would receive squeel with joy and call, or text even.. Thank u we LOVE it!

others dont even let you know that it arrived safely.
So the question is .. well is it worth the time, excitement, self satisfaction with an awesome idea.. the cost, chasing a present that hasnt arrived, FINALLY post it yipee they will love it.. then nothing. today i have been disappointed. Think about who you put your energy into. Leave it with those that really deserve it :)